Año Grant: 2022

Ryp Labs

Sticking it to food waste Ryp Labs is an award-winning food and crop protection company developing and commercializing biomimicry solutions to combat global food waste

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Booting up emissions reduction tech CHOOOSE is a Norwegian climate tech company who provide solutions that enable customers to follow their carbon emissions footprint and

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Naked Energy

Decarbonising heat to freeze global emissions Naked Energy is a UK company that offers rooftop solar systems with a unique vacuum tube solar technology that

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Ocean Rainforest

High quality seaweed farming for innovative ingredients Seaweed has vast, untapped potential as it requires no land, fertiliser, or freshwater to grow and flourish, making

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Pure Ocean

3D-mapping the Med seabed Scientists estimate that more than 80 percent of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans. We

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Make Waves

Making the world’s first blue carbon documentary FINANCING WORLD’S FIRST BLUE CARBON DOCUMENTARY (2022) Blue Carbon, the film, is a groundswell documentary that dives into

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España Azul

Documenting Ocean Health along Iberian Coast – La España Azul España Azul seeks to generate an environmental impact through scientific research that will be carried

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Kelp Forest Foundation

Harnessing the power of giant kelp The Kelp Forest Foundation addresses the gap in science around kelp forests and makes new knowledge publicly available, with

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Clean Arctic Alliance

Banning Heavy Fuel Oils from EU ports Black carbon (BC), the sooty black material emitted from burning heavy fuel oil (HFO), presents a special threat

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