Container based sanitation for disadvantaged African urban areas
We invested in Loowatt’s cutting-edge, waterless, chemical-free toilets that could mitigate some of the 80% of faecal sludge that is dumped untreated into our ocean and rivers every year, lowering pollution as well as the c. 4.7% of global emissions from non-CO2 GHG that result.
About Loowatt
Loowatt is a producer of cutting-edge, waterless, chemical-free toilets that can be rolled out in areas lacking sewage systems. Their toilets form part of a closed-loop system that includes waste collection and treatment to produce biogas and organic liquid fertiliser. Loowatt’s technology could have a huge impact on waterways and the ocean, preventing some of the thousands of tonnes of untreated human faecal sludge that get dumped every year. In operation since 2009, the company has expanded to the Philippines this year and sold hundreds of home toilets so far.

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