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US$300m: the amount the energy industry spent on lobbying in America last year, the most since 2013.

$880m, the value of overpayments made by Ukrainians keen to pay more tax than they are required to.

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Events Calendar

Event: Visit with Olavur Gregersen of Ocean Rainforest

Date: 2/06/2023 - 4/06/2023

Place:  Faroe Islands, Denmark

Attending:  Martin, Alex K, Fernando & Soren


Event: South Summit World Ocean Day

Date: 7/06/2023 - 9/06/2023

Place: Madrid, Spain

Attending: Fernando, Soren, Romain


Event:  Waves of Change

Date: 6/06/2023 - 7/06/2023

Place: Biarritz

Attending: Gabriel


Evento: Be Natural, Wear NO DYE

Fecha: 15/06/2023

Lugar: Madrid

Asistentes: Michelle, Lucia, Mireia, Silvia, Mónica, Dominique, Fabiana

Special World Ocean Month Events

Event: Blue Candle Light + Deep Blue Workshop 

Date: 7 June 

Organisation we will work: MYND Yaiza 

Place: Lanzarote 

Attending: Mónica + Dominique 





Event: Blue Candle Light + Deep Blue Workshop+ Round Table 

Date: 8 June 

Organisation we will work: MYND Adeje 

Place: Tenerife 

Attending: Mónica + Dominique + Fabiana 





Event: Present the Ocean Born Foundation

Date: 8 de Junio 

Place: Madrid: University Saint Luis, Oceanographic 

Attending: Megan 



Event: Expedition + OB 

Date: 10 June 

Organisation we will work: Whe Whale 

Place: Tenerife 

Attending: Mónica + Dominique

Friday Film Days

19 May: Don’t Look Up.

23 Jun: Mission Blue.

21 Jul: A Life on our Planet.

8 Sep: Plastic War.

13 Oct: Great Green Wall.


24 May: Gabriel.

24 Apr: Runa Ray.

Short clips you should watch

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Cesar Fernandez Ocean Beer
Ocean Born Impact

Celebrate with us!! This month Signe has been very busy accelerating our formal entry into the market with the opening of OBI Advisors S.L. which will be the Spanish entity responsible for advising our Luxembourg company in making investments for our soon-to-be-launched fund. 


So what do you need to know about our operations? Formally, we will work with a company called Alter Domus ( who will be the manager of our future Luxembourg fund. This fund is in the process of being opened and will be opened as a Special Limited Partnership (called an SCSp) which is a typically recognized company that is used for investments into private companies. So that you can impress your friends with your knowledge, the set-up is characterized by an entity called a General Partner (GP) (it will be owned by Ocean Born Foundation) and it is a Luxembourg based corporation that is opened as an SARL and responsible for overseeing the fund. 


The GP will work together with Alter Domus who will provide the formal team and structure to manage the fund. This is a typical requirement from the investors who are known as Limited Partners (LP) and an essential element of an SCSp.  Unlike the GP, the liability of an LP is limited to its investment. Our set-up means that we fall under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and this is yet another way to reassure our investors that we take very seriously our responsibilities as an investor. Ask Signe for more details as she will be more than happy to share additional information! Maybe even take her to lunch!



In other news, we are in the final stages of completing our investment into Smyle (, which is a Dutch based company selling toothpaste tablets, sustainable dental floss, sustainable tooth brushes and even sustainable electric toothbrushes.

If your are still using plastic toothbrushes and plastic toothpaste tubes, please consider switching to a greener alternative so that this plastic waste does not end up in landfills or floating in our Ocean. 


Alex traveled this month to London to the  Blue Food Innovation Summit held on May 23-24 2023 where together with Fabio Greco, they learned about developments in aquaculture and the complex needs of farming in our ocean. 


Finally, Alex traveled to Paris to the ChangeNow conference which was a fantastic showcase of the Blue Ocean economy and he participated in both a jury that judged twelve innovative companies in the Ocean and Water sector as well as a gathering of Ocean warriors called the Explorer’s club where he met Titouan Bernicot, the founder of Coral Gardeners (see a cool video: thanks to the initiative of Cristina Mittermeier of SeaLegacy.

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