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Ocean Born ambassadors

Our Ocean Ambassadors are our ultimate Ocean Warriors, helping us to spread the word to make the world a better place. 

Discover more about them: they ROCK!.

Tuna de Medicina de Salamanca
La tuna originated in Spain and Portugal in 13th century and the tradition still holds to this day. Students play serenades with instruments and attire according to tradition. Who better than our friends from one of the world’s oldest university cities to serenade the oceans.
Grayhound Ventures

Grayhound is a 5/6th scale replica of a three-masted Customs Lugger from 1776. She was launched on the 4th of August 2012. Grayhound carries a Category 0 licence for world-wide travel. She can carry 10 to 12 passengers and a crew of 5. She is armed with two cannons.


Grayhound offers environmentally – friendly charter, cargo hauling and environmental and artistic projects on a classic sailing ship.


Grayhound and the crew aboard contribute to a greener way of thinking, travelling and transporting cargo while sailing in its truest form.

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