From caring comes change.

Tailored by Ocean Born offers organisations the dual opportunity to reduce theirfootprint on the environment, while deepening their commitment to the health ofthe planet. This gives their employees and customers a direct role in the fightagainst the climate crisis.


We achieve this through the production of uniforms and customised corporateproducts made in the most respectful way possible to planet, and like all OceanBorn Foundation initiatives, 100% of the profits are donated to restoring and protecting the ocean.


Each Tailored by Ocean Born item tells its own stories of impact – both of its intrinsic relationship to planet as well as the story of its owner.


We pride ourselves about working hand in hand with our partners to create a product that reflects their values, their commitment to planet, and theirdetermination to move from an extractive, business-as-usual model to a more respectful and circular one. We work only with organisations that share ourvision to continue pushing the fashion industry away from an extractive, wasteful, resource-intensive sector to a more responsible one integrating ideas around circularity, enoughness, and innovation.

Our 5p's Impact Model:


“There is no green without blue”. We recognise the state of our planet and work to restore and protect it. We create products sourced as ethically and sustainably as possible to reduce our environmental impact. We measure the footprint of everything we do and work to offset it.


We believe that we are all agents of positive change and that collaboration and partnerships are key to achieving our goals. Therefore, in addition to seeking to meet the demands of society, we work with local workshops and workshops that employ people at risk of social exclusion, bringing positive impact to our value chain. We generate “green jobs” that enable the transition to a green economy.


This is our energy, valuing what we do and the importance of protecting what we love, motivates us constantly and gives us the strength to understand that our role is important.


What makes our heart beat and gives it a blue tone. Understanding the ocean’s role in the fight against the climate crisis and working for its protection and restoration.


This is the result of everything we do, our profits allow us to generate streams of income that help us accelerate other initiatives working for the same purpose.

Choose your brand to protect what you love.