Carbon Emission Offseting

According to the science, we have about eight years to cut carbon emissions by more than half to avoid an all-out ecological collapse. Net zero is not up for debate. It is transition or extinction.

At Ocean Born Foundation, we take this seriously given we are bringing new products to market. In 2021 the bulk of our carbon emitted was through Ocean Beer ⁠— 69 tonnes of CO , to be exact. Even though our responsible production processes kept this number far below the average of the beer industry, we want to go beyond just “good enough.” As with all Ocean Born products, we are committed to reducing our footprint on the environment and offsetting what we are unable to get to zero. This is also true of the water and energy we use in production. Ideally, we get to net zero everything.

In partnership with a team of graduate students from IE University, we researched ways to compensate for these emissions while staying true to our mission of improving the world’s oceans. Blue carbon credits seemed a natural fit due to their focus on the ocean. After serious consideration and evaluation of the available options on the marketplace today, we are excited to announce that we offset our 2021 emissions with blue carbon credits through the Delta Blue Mangrove restoration project in southeast coastal Pakistan (shown right).

For us, this activity is not just about ticking a box, rather it represents a serious commitment to our consumers and our community. Though we are not required to offset our emissions we realise the responsibility we have as a company to make a difference through our choices. Moving forward, we are investigating ways to make our products with no emissions, but until that becomes possible, we will continue to evaluate and make sure we are offsetting our additional emissions through thoughtfully-selected and scientifically-rigorous blue carbon projects.