Advocating for a Deposit Return Scheme in Spain

Every year in Spain, six-billion beverage containers are either disposed of in the incorrect bin or littered in the environment. Only 51% of beverage containers are successfully returned. The majority of plastic thrown away ends up in the deep seabed, from where it can never be recovered and will never disappear. We have partnered with Oceana to show the problem as well as how there is a cost-efficient solution. 


A deposit return scheme (DRS) reduces litter and contributed to the EU’s climate objective to become net zero by 2050. It does so by reducing the production of single-use plastic and conserving energy as bottles that are returned to be reused are not crushed down.

Deposit Return Scheme
About Oceana

Oceana is the largest international advocacy group dedicated entirely to ocean conservation. It was established by a group of leading foundations when a study came out stating that less than 0.5% of all resources spent by U.S. environmental non-profit groups went towards ocean conservation. 


We have been working with them since we began and we are contributing towards two of their projects. They represent the beginning of what we are fighting to achieve, clean oceans and a safe environment for ocean life.

Other initiatives we support from Oceana

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