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"It’s time for us all to bring everything we have to the table, to save the blue heart of our planet - and ourselves"



For the planet to survive – we need a healthy ocean. At Ocean Born Foundation we believe the ocean is the biggest natural solution available to tackle the climate crisis so we are fully committed to restoring and protecting it.


Our mission is to create sustainable income streams and invest 100% of all profits to benefit the ocean through our grants, investments and partnerships. We do this by bringing competitive, quality products to market, while minimising our environmental impact. Our work aims to accelerate solutions that reduce the damage human activities have had on the ocean’s ability to protect life on the planet.

100% for the ocean


As consumers we know that we must lower our consumption, prioritise quality over quantity and choose products that are produced with more consideration to the planet. This is embedded in our brand philosophy. All our products are made in the most planet-responsible way possible, of good quality and most importantly 100% of the profits go towards ocean restoration and protection.


That is our promise to you – so you can be sure that you are helping the planet when you drink our beer or wear something out of our collections.

“We believe in brewing tasty beer and saving the Ocean”
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Why the ocean

Planet Earth is the “blue planet”, an ocean planet. The majestic ocean supports and sustains every living species on the planet. We simply cannot survive without a healthy ocean. With every breath we take, with every drop we drink, we’re connected to the ocean. We and all living things depend on its vitality to support and sustain us. In addition to its beauty, therapeutic powers and recreational opportunities, the ocean does the following…

Our role in this

But as powerful as the ocean is, we are now testing its limits and it finds itself at the edges of its resilience. 


The responsibility to restore the ocean back to health has fallen on all of us alive today.

We are indeed the first to truly understand the problem – and the last with a chance to do anything about it. 


The encouraging news is the rapid growth in number of individuals and organisations that understand the urgency and are taking action.


At Ocean Born Foundation we are fully committed to this global effort and are directing all of our resources to this. 


Our purpose is clear: The ocean matters. 

This is the decade in which change must happen. 

Who inspire us

Cristina Mittermeier

“Let this be the decade when everything changes”

Cristina Mittermeier – Ocean Born Patron

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