We envision a healthy blue planet

Like you, we love and feel the need to protect the ocean.

About us

Ocean Born Foundation

Founded in December 2020, the Ocean Born Foundation is a grant giving organisation whose ultimate goal is to create new, sustainable streams of income against climate change by focusing on ocean health.

We do this by bringing competitive products to market, responding to market demand while ensuring they are produced with the least environmental impact as possible.

All profits (that’s right, 100%) from the brand and its products are directed towards initiatives dedicated to ocean clean-up and conservation.

At Ocean Born we do this in recognition that we are interconnected with nature, and with each other and what we do to the planet and its living creatures, we do to ourselves. Our goal is to mitigate the adverse effects we as humans are causing our oceans. Climate change and the rapid deterioration of the oceans are a fact.

Doing something about it is a choice.

The Ocean Born Foundation currently manages three commercial activities:

  • Ocean Beer
  • Ocean Born Lifestyle
  • Ocean Born Impact
Mission & vision

Mission statement

To accelerate ocean clean-up and conservation by bringing to market an environmentally friendly brand of which 100% of profits are invested into protecting the ocean.

Ocean Born Foundation Vision

We envision a healthy blue planet.

We aim to limit human-induced damage and restore ecosystems because we believe empowered consumers will, where they do not reduce consumption, choose ethical brands that minimize environmental impact and fund ocean clean-up and conservation. For the long-term benefit of all life on Earth.

Our mission and vision stem from the recognition that all activities have social and ecological impacts and that every form of investment, every choice of product and service, and every money flow decision has an impact. And, de facto, if the impact is not consciously benefiting social or ecological outcomes, it is quite likely damaging them.

We want to turn this on its head with the most ambitious environmental standards on our products and the higher purpose of the sale of the product to be for the oceans’ benefit.

Ocean conservation

What does Ocean Conservation mean and why is it important?

Planet Earth is the blue planet, an ocean planet. Water is the foundation of all life on Earth and makes up over 70% of the planet. The ocean regulates the climate, preserves biodiversity, generates vast productivity, and modulates the carbon dioxide cycle.


of the oxygen we
breathe comes from the ocean


of critical ocean habitats
have been destroyed


of all CO2 emissions
are absorbed by the ocean

Our magestic ocean supports and sustains every living species on the planet. We simply cannot survive without a healthy ocean. As powerful as the ocean is, the climate crisis is now testing its limits and our ocean finds itself at the limit of its resilience.

Current models for sustaining the ocean and people are not working.

A sustainable future requires us to think and act differently, to make some difficult decisions and to come together, guided by science, to take action that will truly address the issues.

What we as a collective now do or fail to do within the next few years will determine our fate.

It is time to reverse the negative trend and protect it. If we lose the ocean, we lose life.

The encouraging news is that a growing number of individuals and organisations are developing new and creative projects to protect and restore the ocean and ocean resources and ensure that we use them responsibly and with respect.

The urgency is such that we need to leverage and accelerate these existing initiatives. Ocean Born’s brand and products are joining this effort. Ocean Born is a brand with a purpose.

Our Activities

100% for the ocean

All Ocean Born activities exist to serve the ocean. This was not an afterthought; Ocean Born was born out of desire to bring more resources to the fight to save this little blue miracle we all call home.

As consumers we know that we must lower our consumption, prioritise quality over quantity and get to know the brands we do consume to ensure we are supporting the kind of future we want to see. This is embedded in our brand philosophy. Thus our products are made in the most planet-responsible way possible, of good quality and with literally 100% of their profits allocated to ocean conservation and clean-up initiatives.

So give us a go if you’re looking to have a beer with some friends, to replace an old hoodie or buy some gloves to attend your next park or beach clean-up.

Like you, we love and feel the need to protect the ocean.

Members of SeaLegacy’s Good Ocean are commited to prioritizing conservation, ethics, and employment practices and aspire to meet —and exceed— conservation best practices with their sector.

We have created this icon to represent our complete commitment to the ocean.

All profits (that’s right, 100%) from our brand and products are given out as donations or investments to projects and organisations dedicated to ocean clean-up and conservation.