Be Part Of World Oceans Day On 8th June

June 6, 2021

What a great day, a day that focuses on our oceans and how to keep them clean, less polluted, safe, and available to all.


As you know we are huge fans of travelling here at House of Coco, and we love nothing more than to be by the open water watching the waves crash into the shoreline. So, we figured that we should help to keep all our oceans preserved not just on World Oceans Day, but in the future too.


There are plenty of ways that we can all help, from reducing our carbon footprint to using fewer plastic products. Another way to help is to be an ocean-friendly pet owner and don’t let your pets foul on the sand. You can buy sustainably sourced fish, travel on the seas responsibly, and clean-up your local beach. These are just a handful of ideas.


One of our favourite ways to be part of World Oceans Day is to support businesses that are working hard to protect the oceans. Ocean Beer is one of these amazing businesses.


Ocean Beer


Ocean Beer is not just another beer; it is a beer with a purpose. The Ocean beer family are aiming to connect people through their great beer that accelerates positive change in the ocean. Want to know more?


By purchasing Ocean beer you are contributing to improving and protecting ocean health. The team behind Ocean Beer hope that their mindful consumers will choose their ethical brand, helping to limit human-induced damage and restore ecosystems for the long-term benefit of all life on earth.


The brewers come from the world of surf, which gives them a ‘surfer soul’ and makes them fiercely protective of the ocean. They are fully committed to the planet, and you can be too if you purchase Ocean Beer.


100% of the profits from Ocean Beer go into ocean conservation and clean-up, and they are 100% dedicated to marine life. The team are brewing for a better planet.


Visit Ocean Beer to find out more and to place an order for Ocean Lager, Surfer IPA, and Ocean Beer 0.0% alcohol free.

Choose your brand to protect what you love.