Protecting Fuvamulah's shark paradise

At the Ocean Born Foundation we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. It is only by joining forces with like-minded organizations that share our vision that we will succeed in our mission to protect what we love – our ocean.

It is a pleasure to continue to team up with Ocean Culture Life, this time to restore the wildlife and beauty on Fuvahmulah Island. Joining efforts with the local community, they aim to reduce plastic and protect the island’s rich marine life.

Together with IADE Madrid, we organized a contest to raise awareness among future designers about the ability to generate a positive impact through their creations, as well as give participants the opportunity to contribute to this social and environmental cause. The results are our Fuvahmulah towels, beautifully designed by Mariadelmar Franco. 100% of the profits from their sale go to the restoration and protection of the island.

Help us protecting the shark paradise.
We supported Ocean Culture Life’s project to stop plastic and start protecting the incredible marine life in Fuvamulah through profits from the sale of our Fuvahmulah beach towels.
Ocean Culture Life is a community with an unconventional approach to marine conservation: They bring Ocean Storytellers and Ocean Guardians together to give voice to the ocean, highlighting the importance of emotional connection to the sea. They concentrate on the interconnectedness between water and earth and promote collaboration in order to foster a healthy blue planet.
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