Bridging the gap between science and creativity

April 20th, 2023

Being part of the Jack Wolfskin Discovery Team, MarGreen talks about living to influence and changing the world with joy – one step at a time


Has it ever seemed to you that educators, scientists, and industry experts are speaking a different language? Have you felt like environmental information should be more available and easily broken down? Do you feel like the environmental movement and businesses need more creativity?


This is how I felt during my career as an environmental content creator. I was putting researchers and scientists on some sort of unreachable pedestal and I constantly felt like the questions I was asking were too basic and too silly. I myself was creating some sort of division where I was trying to be like them, I was trying to speak their language of science when my language was the one of creativity.


In today’s rapidly changing world, science and creativity are often seen as two opposing forces, with little overlap. On one hand, science is viewed as a discipline of cold, hard facts and logical reasoning, while on the other hand, creativity is seen as a subjective realm that is more about intuition and emotion than tangible results. However, the truth is that science and creativity are deeply intertwined and bridging the gap between them is crucially important to inspire planet-saving action all over the world – these same values are reflected at Ocean Born Foundation and Purposeflow Living – recognising that we are interconnected with nature and with each other, and what we do to the planet and its living creatures, we do to ourselves.


After graduating with a degree in zoology, I realised that my university did not give enough information about how to break down scientific information creatively so that I can actually understand it and pass on to people that do not have any education or knowledge about these complicated topics.


In schools and universities, science and creativity are often taught as separate disciplines. Students may be encouraged to develop their scientific skills, but they are rarely encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities, and vice versa. This is a missed opportunity, as bridging the gap between science and creativity can help people to develop a more well-rounded and holistic understanding of the world around them.


Now that I have traveled to over 70 countries, and filmed more than 15 environmental conservation documentaries, I can perceive just how significant this knowledge gap is – not understanding the science behind whats happening to the planet instills fear in peoples hearts – “why is this happening? can I help? is this actually making a difference? does a better solution exist??” The answer to all is YES. When we experience first-hand how powerful we are when we work together, that fear turns into WILLPOWER. That is why I’m partnering with amazing organisations like Ocean Born – to bring these life-changing, first-hand experiences directly to people through my content. Together we are allocating resources, arming people with knowledge, funding, and accelerating the next generation of eco-leaders & GREENfluencers.


When I launch a new YouTube documentary, whether it’s about researching whales & dolphins, organising beach cleanups, saving rhinos from poaching, eco-stays in Portugal, backpacking in the Moroccan desert, or planting trees – the most common question I receive is “what is your job” and “how can I do what you do?” After years of developing this program, I am very excited to announce Behind the Greens Creative Greenfluencer Adventures.


This adventure is a one-of-a-kind experience that we offer to anyone who feels a life of leadership calling to them. You will leave this experience transformed. This program teaches you how to use your passions, entrepreneurial mindset, and creativity to actually make a difference, serve the planet and make money.


I’ve been a self-employed, self-made creator for over 14 years. The concept of ‘influencers’, ‘content creators’, and ‘green entrepreneurs’ barely existed 10 years ago, and now? …We are completely taking over the world of marketing and changing the way social media works. It’s exciting, but it is also very challenging, because there are no guidelines – we are all just making this up as we go. There are no formal academic institutions teaching you how to make a successful career out of this…yet more and more people want to build a career in social media while still being able to help nature and wildlife.


My mission is to show people how you can use the power of social media to achieve 1) financial stability, and 2) a fulfilling lifestyle & rewarding career…all while making a positive impact just by being your true authentic silly self. When I graduated from uni with a degree in Zoology I tried working odd jobs according to the normal corporate world but nothing really interested me or aligned with what I truly cared about. It’s a disappointing realisation that I think many people in the environmental field can relate to: school doesn’t teach you how to make a difference.  So I took this weakness and made it a strength, I started my company Behind the Greens Media and created a unique educational program specifically for special people out there like me: creative, energetic, weirdos who love spending time outdoors with animals! This is the essence of the Creative Greenfluencer Adventure.


The sciences and the arts could never truly be far apart, given that they are both creative endeavours born from human curiosity, imagination, and desire.


The Creative Greenpreneur Adventure is an immersive, 100% hands-on accelerator program designed to teach people how to align their individual creative passions with new-age media careers like content creation, video editors, social media strategists, meme generators (yes, this is actually a job), and so much more. Our students get to participate in real-life projects like marine conservation research, tree planting, land regeneration, wildlife rescue and rehab,  upcycling, artivism, and powerful cultural gatherings – while at the same time being exposed to the complex inner workings of how to get sponsors, brand communication, project management, planning collaborations and how to make money.  It’s a wild fun adventure that will prepare you for a creative career in wildlife conservation, marine research, sustainability, academia, or green entrepreneurship.


“Is this program for me?” First, consider this: Do you feel you have more to offer the world? Are you more creative than your current job allows you to be? Is there a voice inside trying to tell you something? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to learn how to use social media to serve you and the planet? Are you feeling stuck in your current job? OR – maybe you’re already a business owner becoming painfully aware that you need a better social media & marketing presence.


This program is also an opportunity to travel with us, see up-close what it takes to be a content creator/influencer, and explore amazing beautiful eco- stays and destinations.


We teach people exactly how we do what we do, including:

  • how to manage a social media page
  • graphic design – creating visuals and writing captions
  • filming short and long format videos like reels, tikoks, and youtube
  • project management – landing partnerships, collabs, and paid gigs
  • videography & photography
  • how to start and manage a YouTube channel
  • what it takes to become a sustainable business owner
  • creative storytelling
  • co-working, co-creation and co-facilitation of workshops and retreats
  • taking risks outside of comfort zones
  • what type of environmental careers are out there for creative individuals
  • PLUS access to all our professional contacts, networks, internships, and job opportunities!

What we offer is an immersive, life-changing experience that will give you the education and confidence you need to finally make your passion into your career. Not only do we offer our greenpreneurs access to all our knowledge and networks, but we also offer our friendship and support, in whatever endeavours you might pursue.


I repeat: this program is for everybody. If you went to school for nursing, biology, law, IT, or engineering – maybe you’ve been working in the corporate world already for 20+ years, or maybe you’re still in Uni trying to figure out what you want to do with you life – the Creative Greenpreneur Adventure will help bring clarity and alignment into your life. It’s not just about learning the right skills, it’s about experiencing how you feel when you spend time outside with an open heart. I can tell you first hand, when you go on a boat ride to research dolphins, or when you climb a tree to study the mushrooms growing on the bark – you will feel happy and at peace.

The most defining theme is creativity, specifically how to bring out our individual creativity and use this as a tool to motivate people, educate, and satisfy our own desires as creators.


“How are greenpreneurs helping the planet?” Well, you’ll have to experience it for yourself, but something magical happens when a group of highly creative, like-minded people gather in the right setting. It’s also very important to emphasise that partnerships are essential for programs like this. One of our biggest supporters, the Ocean Born Foundation, is doing amazing work to create sustainable revenue against climate change by focusing on the health of the ocean.


On of our creative adventures in Portugal last year, my team, along with a group of 14 students, experienced this power first hand. In just 10 days,  this was our impact:

  • Together, we planted over 100 native trees and constructed rainwater management systems in a region that suffers from extreme drought;
  • We gave back to the land by building bird houses and insect hotels from 100% recycled waste material;
  • Raised 3,000 EUR for local wildlife conservation programs;
  • Created safe space for us to normalise conversations about how we can work with ADHD, BIPOD, OCD and anxiety;
  • Volunteered at a wildlife rescue facility helping with maintenance projects and removal of invasive species in a native bird sanctuary;
  • Partnered with a local surf club to help clean up trash from beaches;
  • Worked with a marine research facility collecting observational data to protect whales and dolphins;
  • Participated in a community-wide nationally televised event cleaning marine debris from harbours and SCUBA diving to remove ghost fishing nets – collectively we gathered 1 TON of waste from the coast of Portugal; and
  • Our students individually created over 50 pieces of high-quality content about these grassroot organisations and individuals who are making a difference

These actions made an incredible impression on our hosts and the communities that we visited. People were extremely grateful for our hard work and for bringing visibility to these projects. However, the most significant impact in my eyes was the amount of growth I observed in each of my students in a shockingly short period of time.


This work would not have been possible without support from our partners like the Ocean Born Foundation.

The GREENfluencer & GREENpreneur programs are a COLLABORATIVE effort between Behind the Greens Media and local grassroots projects. We are proud to work with environmental groups that share our values and have missions equally rooted in sustainability, positivity, and leadership, such as AIMM Portugal and Sea Shepherd.


The reality of this generation is that environmental careers are changing and we need better educational programs teaching people how to become the next generation of eco-leaders and become a force for positive change. My mission is to not only bridge this gap but to catapult people into their own powers.


So…are you ready to take a baby step outside of your comfort zone, really put yourself out there, to finally put energy into your own goals and dreams?  If you are ready, we are here waiting for you. Join our next creative adventure and your life won’t ever be the same.


Margarita Samsonova, Founder – Behind the Greens Media

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