Energy efficient microprocessors for smart sensors

One of the key factors holding back the rolling out of IoT (Information of Things) is the amount of power required for the IoT devices. A key concern is to make the batteries of these devices live longer than the devices they are powering, so as to reduce the amount of batteries to be discarded.


EfficentAI has developed a revolutionary microchip design, allowing for more energy-efficient operations and decentralised AI. The company enables ubiquitous AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) using minimal amount of energy. Efficient devices are future proof because they are general-purpose and programmable in software post-deployment, and maintenance-free because they consume 1/100th of the energy of existing technology. An Efficient chip can last for five to ten years on a small battery.

About Efficient AI

EfficientAI is a US based microchip design company that intends to solve a critical problem regarding power consumption for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors by developing an energy efficient and sustainable microprocessor that operates with a combination of alternative energy sources and allows for the convergence of the next generation Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solutions that combine data gathering capabilities, visual and audio smart sensors as well as communication devices.

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