Solar thermal energy provider for hospitality, leisure and industrial sectors

Heat is responsible for over half (51%) of all energy demand globally.


Naked Energy leverages innovation and engineering capabilities to deliver rooftop solar systems with a unique vacuum tube solar technology that captures substantially more energy than the flat panel alternatives. The company has brought to market two highly competitive products that address the need for decarbonizing heat in a cost-and-space-efficient manner. It is a first step towards self-sufficiency for mid-size companies and institutions.


The Virtu product portfolio is revolutionising solar power with the world’s highest energy density solar technology, delivering greater returns and reducing price, carbon footprints, and regulatory and reputational risk for the company’s customers.


The technology works in concert with other systems and the company works with a network of like-minded partners across the world to deliver affordable zero carbon heat and power, one rooftop, façade, or ground-mounted array at a time.

Naked Energy



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