No IFs or BUTTs

NO IFS OR BUTTS is a campaign created by Ocean Beer to bring attention to one of the top plastic polluters in the world: the cigarette butt. We aim to make people aware of the grave damage they do to our ocean and its marine life and how easy it is to avoid this. 


Cigarette filters break down into microplastics causing significant harm to animals and marine life that ingest this plastic and thus enter the food chain. Estimates are that we are indiscriminately discarding at least eight million cigarette filters into the environment every minute. We casually flick them into the street, out a window, or put them out on the beach.  


At Ocean Beer we hope that we all come together to stop this extinguishable habit. Cigarette butts are plastic. They pollute and negatively impact what we love and need to be healthy. For us, there are no ifs or butts when it comes to ocean health. It is time to turn the tide on this! 

Ocean Culture Life
About Ocean Culture Life

Ocean Culture Life is a community with an unconventional approach to marine conservation: They bring Ocean Storytellers and Ocean Guardians together to give voice to the ocean, highlighting the importance of emotional connection to the sea. They concentrate on the interconnectedness between water and earth and promote collaboration in order to foster a healthy blue planet.


Check out the work of another one of our grantees, The Trash Traveller, who organised the world’s biggest Butt Pick Up Campaign:

Next time you walk down the street, count how many butts you see (cigarette butts), and you will realise how massive the issue is. Help the planet by picking them up or by speaking out next time you see someone flick a butt!  


Choose your brand to protect what you love.