Pioneering seaweed producer for multiple endmarkets

Ocean Rainforest is a leading innovator in sustainable seaweed aquaculture  located in the Faroe Islands and California. The company seeds, grows, harvests, and processes seaweed.


The company offers a collection of premium fully-traceable seaweed products, mostly for food, feed, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Its seaweed has a variety of health benefits, and contains beneficial proteins, antioxidants, minerals, essential trace elements, dietary fibres, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Ocean Rainforest applies science, innovation and expertise to grow premium seaweed in the pristine and wild North Atlantic Ocean, as well as in the Pacific Ocean.


By cultivating seaweed, the company is sustaining the natural balance of local fjords and the underwater rainforest absorbs CO2, thereby reducing GHG emissions.



If you’re particularly passionate about this industry, join their team as a trainee or intern!

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If you are a business-owner and interested in this industry, consider becoming a member of the Global Seaweed Coalition, a global partnership that oversees the safety and the sustainability of the seaweed industry. 

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