Electrifying delivery fleets and public buses

Electric vehicles are a key technology in the decarbonization of road transport, which is a sector that accounts for approximately one-sixth of global emissions.

QEV Technologies designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electric light commercial vehicles and electric buses, as well as offering aftersales and maintenance services. The company has further business lines related to electric motorsport. The company sells its electric vans, trucks and buses primarily to businesses and public transport companies and is focused on serving the corporate, urban mobility and last mile delivery markets.

QEV has more than 300 vehicles on the road, which have driven more than 2 million kilometres. In 2023, together with a joint venture partner, QEV successfully won the tender to operate the former Nissan facility in Barcelona’s free trade area, which is able to manufacture up to 180,000 vehicles per year. The company’s electric mobility expertise was developed through 10 years of experience in electric motorsport.

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