Proprietary biomimicry solution to address food waste

Almost half of all food produced is wasted, amounting to USD 2.6 trillion in losses each year. Food is being wasted throughout the whole value chain from production, to end consumers. Food waste alone contributes 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Ryp Labs is an award-winning food and crop protection company developing and commercializing biomimicry solutions to combat global food waste in a sustainable and safe manner. The company identifies the natural compounds that plants produce to protect themselves, and develops natural and safe formulations that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by inhibiting premature rotting without directly impacting the natural ripening process. The company’s product line includes StixFresh stickers, and Shelf Defence labels & package coatings.

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If you’re in Europe or North America, check out and download the Too Good to Go App, battling food waste by letting you rescue perfectly good food that’s about to be wasted from nearby. 


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