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Ocean Born has been a committed partner and donor to SeaLegacy since 2021, inspired by the work of co-founders Andy Mann, Cristina Mittermeier—our Ocean Born Patron—and Paul Nicklen. 


Over the last three years SeaLegacy has sailed across the world, from Baja California to the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, where their efforts recently culminated in a major victory for the ocean. The island’s “No Take Zone” will increase to encompass 36% of their Exclusive Economic Zone, ensuring 449,000 square kilometres of invaluable ocean habitat will be entirely closed from fishing activity, introducing an additional 166,000 sq km to the existing marina protected area. 


In 2023 SeaLegacy took part in an expedition to protect and defend the kelp forests  

and coastal ecosystems of the Chilean Patagonia through the expansion of marine protected areas and halting of salmon farming in the areas adjacent to these areas. The team is now sailing to Aotearoa (New Zealand) with the same mission to protect the critical kelp forests of the South Pacific. 

SeaLegacy on CNN

We are so excited that our patron Cristina Mittermeier and her co-founder who we all love Paul Nicklen are on CNN’s editorial series, Call to Earth. The series is committed to reporting on environmental challenges and solutions with Cristina and Paul leading this month’s ocean theme as guest editors.

About SeaLegacy

Guided by science, driven by purpose, SeaLegacy is the global marketing, education, and communication agency for the ocean. At the nexus of climate action and sustainable solutions, we create strategies and content that instill hope and move audiences into action.


Founded and led by a passionate team of world-class filmmakers, conservationists and photographers, our mission is to use strategic communications at the intersection of art, science, and conservation to protect and rewild the ocean within our lifetimes. We bring ocean stories and solutions to light for the benefit of biodiversity, humanity, and climate.


Please join our growing network of ocean change-makers who are #TurningTheTide.


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