Ocean Beer – brewing for a better planet

Publicado por: Scuba Diver

Ocean Beer, the premium craft beer uniquely committed to both a quality product and to the ocean, with 100 percent of profits going to ocean conservation and ocean clean-up, has launched in the UK and is available to buy now at www.oceanbeer.com and through Honest Grapes (Green Retailer of the Year 2020).


The Ocean Beer range is comprised of three craft beers: Ocean Lager (33cl, alc. 4.8%), Surfer IPA (33cl, alc. 4.8%), and Ocean Beer 0.0 (33cl, alc. 0.0%), each made from natural, high-quality ingredients, with product sustainability at their core and on a mission to connect people through a great beer that accelerates positive change in the ocean.


The story of Ocean Beer began in 2016 with three surfers in Portugal – one Spanish, one Portuguese and one South African – who each shared the same two passions: beer and the ocean. The trio were becoming increasingly aware of the poor state of the waters they surfed in and so the idea was born – to brew and sell quality beer to fund the clean-up of their beaches.


In the face of a growing global climate crisis, this idea was the inspiration for Ocean Beer, which was launched in 2020. Ocean Beer is an innovative organisation that leads the way in showing how consumers can play an increasing role in accelerating the positive change for the ocean that is so crucially needed. Ocean Beer gives consumers the opportunity to consciously choose an ethical product that minimizes environment impact and funds ocean conservation, without compromising on taste and quality.


Pablo Martinez, CEO of Ocean Beer, said: “Ocean Beer is a beer with a purpose. Our mission is to accelerate the pace of ocean clean-up and conservation by bringing to market an environmentally friendly product of which 100 percent of profits are invested into protecting the ocean. We want to show the power we each have as consumers to make a difference through our choices and reinforce awareness around responsible consumption, sustainability and ocean conservation. It is in everyone’s hands to make the world better through our actions and decisions. By choosing Ocean Beer you are contributing to a greater good.”


As well as its commitment to the ocean, Ocean Beer is a fair and transparent organisation, working with partners that have a shared vision to accelerate the pace of sustainability. Ocean Beer strives for low waste and sustainable production across all products, including labels made from 100 percent recycled materials, bottles made from over 70 percent recycled glass and all bottles and packaging being 100 percent recyclable. The full range is ethically brewed and vegan.

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