Ocean Beer preserving the seas

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Ocean beer preserving the seas

Caring for the oceans and concern for keeping them healthy is becoming an issue
for everyone.


In an interview with The Portugal News, those who are looking for new solutions for
the oceans share their ambitious plans.


Beer for the oceans


Gonçalo Cidoncha is part of the Ocean Beer team https://oceanbeer.com/, beers
whose sales values revert to the oceans and their preservation. The Portuguese
beer brand was born in 2020, “with the creation of Ocean Born Foundation”, a non profit foundation, in which “100 percent of profits go to the conservation of the


For the public, four beers can be purchased. Among the varieties available there are
IPA, Lager, Gourmet and alcohol-free. Each of the beers has different
characteristics. The IPA, according to Gonçalo Cidoncha, “has a slight touch of
passion fruit”, giving it a greater intensity of flavour, when compared to lager, “which
is more neutral in flavour.”


Presence at UN Ocean Conference

The United Nations Ocean Conference was the launch pad for beer. Being the only
beer at the event, thousands of people were able to get to know a little more about
Ocean Beer. Gonçalo Cidoncha admitted emotionally that the experience was “quite
pleasant.” Being a place with several people present, the concern for the cause was
common and reciprocal, making it the “ideal place” to showcase the beer. The event
was also a way of promoting the brand both nationally and internationally.

Like its cause, the production of beer is also “environmentally friendly”, and the
waste of water hardly happens during the process. There are no “preservatives or
stabilisers” in the drink, making Ocean Beer a “natural, vegan and all sustainable


Environmental causes

Profits, as mentioned earlier, go towards preserving the oceans. Gonçalo Cidoncha
mentioned that there are several projects for which Ocean Beer raises funds. Among
them are the monitoring of dolphins, as well as capital being invested in the
development of “a technology for the use of wind energy on boats”, to replace fossil
energy. To carry out their work, the Ocean Beer team always seeks to be close to
those who strive for the well-being of everything the ocean implies. In total, “about
€155,000 have already been invested in sustainability projects.” The foundation also
often supports beach clean-ups, carried out by volunteers.


The brand, which has been in existence for less than two years, is already making its
mark in other countries, with internationalisation being one of the goals of Gonçalo
and his team. The ideal would be to be present “in all places in Europe” so that one
day it will later spread its wings and expand to countries outside the European