Ocean Beer to sink profits from craft beer range into ocean conservation, we’ll drink to that…

May 6, 2021

Ocean Beer, a new premium craft beer launching in the UK, is pledging 100 per cent of its profits to ocean conservation and ocean clean-up projects around the world.

The Ocean Beer range comprises three craft beers in 33cl bottles: 4.8% Ocean Lager, 4.8% Surfer IPA and 0% Ocean Beer.

The brand officially launches in the UK June 8, on World Oceans Day, although we can sample early online at oceanbeer.com.

The brand’s stated mission is to connect people through great beer that accelerates positive change in the ocean – and we can get behind that.

The brand was formed by a trio of surfers back in 2016, who shared a passion for beer and the sea. Increasingly aware of the poor state of the waters they surfed in, the friends conceived the idea for conservation craft brews.

Surfer IPA first launched in Portugal 2017, under the name Surf Brewing.

As well as its commitment to the ocean, the brand works to a shared sustainable vision across all products: labels made from 10 per cent recycled materials, bottles made from over 70 per cent recycled glass and all bottles and packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

The brand was formed by a trio of surfers back in 2016, who shared a passion for beer and the sea…

Ocean Beer has been crafted by Master Brewer Fernando Escribano, who reportedly spent three years refining the Ocean Beer recipes. Ocean Lager is the recipient of the Concours International de Lyon 2020 Gold Award, while Surfer IPA has taken a Meininger’s International Craft Beer 2018 Gold Award and Concours International de Lyon 2020 Silver Award.

Ocean Beer tasting notes:

Ocean Beer Ocean Lager

A low fermentation beer made with natural ingredients using traditional methods and techniques. Characterised by a golden blond colour and easy to drink, with a smooth and pleasant bitterness, citric notes and soft touch of cinnamon. Full-bodied and extremely refreshing.

Ocean Beer Surfer IPA

Clear golden colour, well-balanced and with a light full-bodied experience. An aroma characterised by tropical fruits, citrus, pine resin, white flowers and a tinge of bread.

Ocean Beer – 0.0

A low fermentation beer completely exempt of alcohol, but with the character of a German lager, using natural spring water of the Monastery Brewery Neuzelle. Malty and nutty notes inspired by the malts, combined with a characteristically mellow and spicy aroma of curry and pepper, banana and dark chocolate. The Mosaic hops add a complexity of floral, tropical, fruity and earthy notes. The German Cascade hop variety brings the finishing touches of citrus and green fruits such as quince and pear.

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