Saving the Mediterranean Risso's dolphin
We are funding Alnitak’s research on the endangered Risso’s dolphin, a cetacean that may be used as an indicator species for open sea MPAs in the Mediterranean. We hope to gain insight into the threats posed to the open sea ecosystem and learn how to protect it and its habitat. This species is rapidly vanishing as a result of entanglement in illegal fishing gear and “invisible” threats such as underwater noise and microplastics. Due to their vastness and distance from the coast, open sea areas are understudied and generally difficult to monitor.
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Risso’s dolphins are rare and little-known, but conservationists are trying to learn more about them off the Balearic Islands - BBC - Wildlife Magazine Spring 2023

About Alnitak

Alnitak research institute is a Spanish non-profit organization, founded by two young Greenpeace activists. In 1989, they restored a historical fishing boat by the name of Toftevaag that is still used today with the purpose of developing science and education programs centred around the ocean. We have been working with them over the course of this year and truly admire the work that they do. If you are curious about the impact that your contribution can make, Alnitak takes in volunteers, inviting people to see first-hand how they can contribute to ocean conservation.