Banning bottom-trawling in Spanish MPAs
Bottom trawling is a highly destructive fishing method which involves dragging heavy nets along the ocean floor, leaving lasting damage to the ecosystems found there. Fishing companies prefer it because it can allow them to capture large quantities of fish in a single sweep. One problem is that it captures indiscriminately: juvenile fish, non-target species, turtles, dolphins, and corals have all been recovered from trawling. Sadly, this practise is still legal even in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). To push for a ban on bottom trawling, we supported Oceana’s efforts around this in Spain and funded the production of a fact sheet with data analysis on fisheries inside MPAs accompanied by case studies. This is an important tool being used to lobby for a ban on bottom trawling in designated as well as future MPAs.
Oceana - Bottom Trawling Spain
About Oceana
Oceana is the largest international advocacy group dedicated entirely to ocean conservation. It was established by a group of leading foundations when a study came out stating that less than 0.5% of all resources spent by U.S. environmental non-profit groups went towards ocean conservation. We have been working with them since we began and we are contributing towards two of their projects. They represent the beginning of what we are fighting to achieve, clean oceans and a safe environment for ocean life.


Sign this petition calling for an immediate ban of bottom trawling in all MPAs:


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