Preventing unlawful Icelandic whaling in international waters

Whales play a crucial role in marine ecosystems by helping to regulate the food chain and contributing to the balance of oceanic ecosystems, but many species are under threat. Fin whales are considered an endangered species due to the historical overhunting by commercial whaling fleets that caused a significant decline in their populations. 



Although commercial whaling of fin whales has been banned by the International Whaling Commission since 1986, some countries, including Iceland, continue to hunt them under controversial whaling programs. Commercial whaling is dangerous because it not only leads to the decline of whale populations, but also affects the health of the entire marine ecosystem. The removal of whales from the food chain could cause a domino effect, leading to a collapse of marine ecosystems and ultimately, the loss of biodiversity.



In addition to its ecological implications, the practice is entirely inhumane. According to the 2022 Icelandic Whaling Report:

In total, the “Whaling Company” killed 148 whales, primarily to sell the meat to Japan, where it is still consumed as food. In 2023 the company is authorized to kill up to 161 of these majestic creatures.


The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has established Operation Paiakan for the purpose of protecting these endangered Fin whales from Icelandic whalers outside of their national waters. Ocean Born Foundation is pleased to contribute to this initiative to protect more marine species.


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