Protecting sperm whale nursing area in Menorca with MPA status

Together with Menorca Preservation, we funded research carried out by Tursiops Marine Research on an area north of Menorca. The findings confirmed that the area is indeed being used as a breeding and nursing area for the endangered Mediterranean sperm whales and needs to be included into the Spanish Marine Protected Area (MPA) programme.

About Tursiops

Tursiops Marine Research, an organisation created in 1998, confronts the conservation challenges of Mediterranean cetacean populations. They believe that the best way to fight for the protection, conservation and sustainability of cetacean populations in the Mediterranean is through science. They conduct rigorous research on cetacean populations in the Balearic Islands, so that management measures can be based on scientific knowledge.


About Menorca Preservation
Menorca Preservation (MeP) was established in November 2017 with the aim of supporting local initiatives to bring about long-lasting change to preserve the island’s precious environment. MeP raises funds locally and internationally from people and businesses that have strong connections to the island. These funds are then distributed to local projects within three key pillars of work: Land, Sea and Energy, with the aim of protecting and preserving Menorca’s unique natural beauty. We have partnered with MeP and Tursiops Marine Research to carry out a multi-stage research project on Mediterranean Sperm Whale populations in the region, with unprecedented findings and significant implications for future conservation legislation.


Check out the work of our other grantee, Alnitak – an organisation focused on open sea researching & monitoring with a special focus on marine mammal indicator species. 

The data gathered by Alnitak has been used for the declaration of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean as well as modification of shipping routes to minimise cetacean collisions.

Menorca Preservation

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