Year: 2023

QEV Technologies

Electrifying delivery fleets and public buses Electric vehicles are a key technology in the decarbonization of road transport, which is a sector that accounts for

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Alnitak 2023

Protecting Risso’s dolphins and Loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean We are proud to fund Alnitak’s research conducted under the MEDTOP program, contributing to one

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Clean Arctic Alliance

Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter Linkedin Reducing Black Carbon emissions in Arctic Shipping Black carbon (BC), the sooty black material emitted from burning heavy fuel oil

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Efficient AI

Developing energy efficient general purpose processors One of the key factors holding back the roll out of IoT is the amount of power required for

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Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter Sustainable dental hygiene products without plastic The global oral care market has been dominated by the top-5 world players for a

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Mechanical sails for the decarbonisation of maritime transport bound4blue’s eSAIL installation uses aerospace technology and a rigid suction sail design to create a best-in-class Wind-Assisted

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Only One

Building the platform for global ocean conservation We are a proud monthly donor supporting Only One on a range of ocean campaigns and powerful projects

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Charting the course for the “Impact Expedition” We are a proud monthly donor supporting SeaLegacy on a range of ocean campaigns and powerful projects around

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