Ocean Born Foundation, our lives depend on the ocean and there is something we can do about it.

2023, 30 Noviembre

By Jordan Clifford, Ocean Born Foundation.


Three months ago, I didn’t know how deeply intertwined my life is with the health of the ocean, that I negatively affect its resilience by my everyday actions, and that I can also be a part of the solution to restore it back to health. And just like I can individually, so can a key industry like the yachting industry.



Since joining the Ocean Born Foundation, I have realised the enormous impact of our everyday actions can have on the Ocean. One example is the disastrous environmental impact the textile and clothing industry has on the environment as a whole. It is the second most environmentally harmful industry on the planet. The size of this issue is terrifying but there are individuals and organisations that are committed to reducing these detrimental impacts.


The Ocean Born Foundation is one such organisation, fighting against the damage human activities have on the ocean’s ability to protect life on the planet. The Foundation strives to make a difference by bringing quality products to market while minimising their negative environmental impact, and then donating and investing 100% of the profits to ocean protection and restoration initiatives to have a positive impact. The Foundation has four business segments: Ocean Beer, Tailored by Ocean Born, Ocean Born Lifestyle, and Ocean Born Impact.


Two relevant business lines to the yachting industry are Ocean Beer and Tailored by Ocean Born. Ocean Beer’s mission is to create exceptional beer and every drop of profit goes back to safeguard our ocean. The initial spark of inspiration led to beach cleanups, and the idea to fund these efforts through brewing an IPA, evolved into a mission to create an ocean-positive beer.


The other relevant venture is Tailored by Ocean Born. With eco-friendly production of uniforms and customised corporate gifts, employees and customers are offered the opportunity to reduce their footprint on the environment while accelerating the change we need. Therefore, it is possible to have a massively positive impact on the environment, you just have to be willing to participate in that change.


Thanks to those that choose Ocean Born products and services, the Foundation is able to support ocean positive solutions. An example of this commitment is the support for Oceana, aimed at various initiatives, including the prohibition of bottom-trawling in Spanish Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Additionally, a donation was made to Pure Ocean for the task of 3D-mapping the Mediterranean seabed. Furthermore, investments extend to bound4blue, an initiative working towards harnessing wind power and smart data to effectively reduce maritime carbon emissions.


A Collaborative Effort towards a Healthier Ocean

The Ocean Born Foundation has shown me that there are many individuals that share the same vision of planetary and ocean health, that in turn causes the drive for a real impact in the fight against climate change. What we did not know, we did not understand. But now in the 21st century, when we can see the importance of the ocean’s ecosystem to our existence, there’s no excuse.


Every day I am reminded of the sheer beauty of our ocean and how little we know. Surrounding myself with individuals who truly care and who urge others to care, makes me even more passionate about ocean protection and restoration.


You might be asking yourself; “How can I and the wider yachting community help restore the ocean back to health?” Well, I’ve just offered you an answer – internalise that every consumption choice we make, whether it’s a service or a product, directly supports one future over another – so it’s important to make each one count. Lower your negative impact by knowing the brands you buy and ensuring you are buying the ones with the lowest impact to the planet. If you choose Ocean Born products, with 100% of profits going to the ocean, you can also help accelerate the positive solutions.


I leave with you a quote by Dr. Sylvia Earle whom I had the honour to meet recently and who at 88 years of age is still tirelessly and with unwavering commitment, advocating for the restoration of the ocean; “With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live. Because the truth is, we are all deeply dependent with the ocean’s survival.”


To find out more and learn how you can get involved in our initiatives, please visit oceanbornfoundation.org

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