Type of Grant: Investment

Ryp Labs

Reduced food waste Sticking it to food waste Ryp Labs is an award-winning food and crop protection company developing and commercializing biomimicry solutions to combat

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Carbon emissions platform CHOOOSE is a Norwegian climate tech company who provides solutions that enables customers to follow their carbon emissions footprint and provide them

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Naked Energy

Decarbonised heat Solutions for decarbonising Heat Naked Energy is a UK company that offers rooftop solar systems with a unique vacuum tube solar technology that

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Ocean Rainforest

Seaweed Cultivation Related Press Tapping into the potential of kelp Seaweed has vast, untapped potential as it requires no land, fertiliser, or freshwater to grow

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Cleaner shipping, cleaner seas Roughly 90% of the world’s traded goods are transported via ship. It is highly cost-effective and far more carbon-efficient than rail

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We invested in Loowatt’s cutting-edge, waterless, chemical-free toilets that could mitigate some of the 80% of faecal sludge that is dumped untreated into our ocean and rivers every year, lowering pollution as well as the c. 4.7% of global emissions from non-CO2 GHG that result.

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